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The unique program of Petya Gemuenden. A proven way to create the best and happiest version of yourself.

Experience deeper connections, more fulfilling relationships, and lasting happiness

Fairy tales do exist! And my story is a true example of that! Your soulmate is waiting for you somewhere out there, and I am going to show you the way to meet him, connect with him and attract him!

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My coaching services are designed to help you improve your relationships, increase your self-awareness and find more happiness in your life

We all dream of...



It has been with us since before we came into this world and yet we have been looking for love all our lives, the one magical true love. This could only be possible when we become an inspiring and present partner.


A present partner is deeply in love firstly with their own truth, which they have reached through deep knowledge of themselves and all of their own facets. We are only capable of true devotion and a meaningful relationship with another person, once knowing ourselves.


A deep and meaningful relationship is based on awareness of our thoughts, feelings and behaviour. It is driven by passion, chemistry and attraction. It starts when we look at our partner as a whole and when we are ready to accept ourselves and them as we are.

About me

Petya Gemuenden

Relationship Coach

My mission is to show the women of today the right way to connect with their soul, to overcome their fears, and remember the biggest female strength is to be gentle and soft!

After years of trial and error; pondering on where my road leads… I am here – happy, completed and in peace!

I am ready to show you a tried-and-tested way to becoming the best and happies version of yourself, thus leading to and helping you consciously connect with your great love and soul mate!


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