How do you achieve lasting and deep love by going through the five relationship stages?

Did you know that love goes through 5 stages? They are divided according to the several phases that partners go through in their relationship. However, few couples even get to stage 4. This is because few people manage to get through stage 3 – the disappointment – together.

This is the stage where you are most likely to think about whether, the person you are in a relationship with is the right choice for you. When the disillusionment phase comes, many people realize that they have not committed to the right person. As you can guess, what follows is a breakup and then embarking on a search for another more suitable partner.

This vicious cycle can repeat itself over and over again until you realize that whoever you are in a relationship with, there is no way to avoid going through the disappointment stage. The good news, for lovers who make it through the disappointment stage, is that two periods of mature and stable love await them afterwards.

Who doesn’t dream of creating a lasting relationship with their partner that satisfies them? This is our goal in relationships. This is what we long for and strive for.

But the question is, are you willing to go through the period of disappointment? Are you willing to get to the bottom of your relationship in order to resurface? The answers to these questions are not achieved the easy way.

When starting a new relationship, you always think that this time will be different. You promise yourself that you won’t let routine breed resentment towards your partner. I will disappoint you by telling you that stage 3 is inevitable. Each phase follows another and you can’t keep your relationship at one stage forever.

This is a great thing because it means your relationship is growing and slowly moving towards the ultimate goal of creating lasting love. However, are you strong enough as a couple to leap over the stepping stone of stage 3? This is the catch in many relationships.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the 5 stages of love. I’ll give you examples of how relationships progress through each phase. Most importantly I will try to give you an answer to how to get through stage 3 and move forward to the goal of achieving mature love.

Phase 1: Falling in love

This is the most romantic phase in a relationship. It emerges even before the partners have defined their relationship as serious. This is the most exciting stage during which you try to attract your partner to you. You strive to build a good image of yourself in your partner’s esteem.

This stage is characterized by romantic gestures you make towards each other. You and your partner make an effort to woo and satisfy each other’s every need.

During the falling in love phase, the passion between partners is very great. You think directionally about your partner and wish to spend all your time with him. You seek constant intimacy with your partner and the physical pleasures you give each other are at the forefront.

During the infatuation phase, you turn a blind eye to all your partner’s shortcomings. The image you build for yourself of him is perfect. According to you, there are no red flags and he or she is much better than your previous partners.

The explanation as to why you feel so addicted to your partner during the falling in love phase lies in the hormones that are coursing through your body. When you are in love your body produces a biochemical cocktail of happiness hormones. The feeling of euphoria brought on by the hormones is what makes you addicted to your partner.

The falling in love phase lasts differently in every couple. It can last up to two months or up to 2-3 years.

Phase 2: Deepening the relationship

This phase begins when euphoria is replaced with the comfort we feel when we are with our partner. Once we get to know our partner we begin to get used to them and their presence. The excitement of our encounters diminishes a little. This emotion is replaced with trust in our partner and security when we are together.

During this phase the concept of “we are one” is built. The relationship between the partners deepens and they begin to make plans for their future together. Many couples live together and prepare to start a family.

During this stage, we feel more connected to our partner on an emotional level. The focus is shifted from the physical pleasure that was present in phase one to sharing common values, interests and dreams. You feel satisfied with the relationship because you give and receive affection, security and trust.

As the relationship deepens, so does your confidence in your partner. He or she is the right person for you to share the future with. During phase 2 you become so invested in your relationship that when phase 3 comes you are likely to fall from a high place.

Phase 3: Disappointment

Here we are at the 3rd stage – disappointment. This is the phase that every couple enters sooner or later. It may happen much sooner for some couples than others, but no one is immune from entering stage 3.

During this phase, each partner’s individual traits come to light. This includes annoying household habits, different values and dreams that the partner has. At this point you begin to wonder why your partner is changing. The truth is, this is the same person you fell in love with. It’s just that you’ve always viewed him through the prism of the perfect person and turned a blind eye to the differences between you.

During this period, a struggle for supremacy begins between the partners as to which of them is leading the relationship. Both partners begin to assert themselves and their desires more.

During this period, even the question of which restaurant to dine at can turn into a clash of your individual traits. During phase 1 you are willing to agree to anything just to make a good impression on your partner. Phase 3, however, is the opposite – you are tired of always agreeing and being underestimated, so you are willing to assert yourself even at the cost of an argument.

Phase 3 is the time when all the promises and illusions we made to ourselves in the previous two phases are shattered into small pieces. This leads to partners being taken aback, losing faith in true love and deep bitterness about the relationship.

Many couples choose to separate over trying to survive stage 3 together. This is understandable because stage 3 is like falling from the top and anyone would give up trying to climb to the top again.

However, there are couples who don’t give up so easily. They decide to work together to get through stage 3. For this to happen there must first be communication between the partners. They need to share their feelings with each other so they understand they are in phase 3. This is good because it will remind you that there are two more phases that you can go through together.

In order to successfully get through stage 3, it is important to reconnect with your partner. This time, do it without looking through the rose-colored glasses of falling in love. Check out
your partner objectively. Accept that this is him with his values, understandings of the world, dreams and even annoying habits. Then ask yourself, “Can I swallow some of these for the sake of our love?” Acceptance is what will help you reconnect with your partner, this time, however, in a much more mature way.

Another tip I will give you is to observe your partner during the falling in love phase. During the first stage of love, everyone shows signs of their bad traits, but we turn a blind eye to them. If you want to avoid a breakup during phase 3, you better observe your partner’s behavior during phase 1. Discuss his negative character traits or inconsistencies between you even before they become the bone of contention for your relationship.

Phase 4: Stability

The good news is that if you can climb the chasm of phase 3 together, the stage of mature love awaits you. Once you overcome the crisis of disappointment you can be sure that your relationship is heading towards stability. During this stage, you feel connected to your partner on a much more mature level. You no longer gloss over how you feel about him and your relationship. This helps you iron out misunderstandings when they are still in their infancy.

This phase is characterized by acceptance of our partner as he or she is and a corresponding acceptance of ourselves. Not only do you begin to love and appreciate your partner much more than before, but you also apply this to yourself.

The illusion of the perfect partner is gone. You look at your partner objectively and love them for who they are. During this period, you heal each other from the traumas of past relationships and work together to build a mature love.

Another positive thing during this stage is establishing roles in the relationship. No longer is anyone fighting for supremacy, but rather taking responsibility to their role in the relationship.

Phase 5: Enduring Love

You realize you have entered Phase 5 when you realize the power of your love. This is where we can truly define the couple as one. During Phase 5, the true spiritual bonding between partners occurs.

During stage 5 you realize that you want to put your energy into your relationship and evolve as a couple. You not only love your partner, but you truly respect them. During this stage, you realize that you should not focus on what makes you different, but on what brings you together.

Peace and harmony in relationships are most important for partners who have reached stage 5. You are striving towards a common goal and together you are moving towards achieving it. Stage 5 is the stage during which you are willing to compromise for the sake of your love, but your partner does not take advantage of this. To get to lasting love you need to find balance in your relationship. You know it has occurred when you think “This is my guy”, accepting your partner for who they are.

Lasting love is the ultimate goal for any couple. The truth is, few people are willing to walk the long and thorny road to it. If you are in a relationship think about which period you are in and what you can do to successfully move on to the next. If you are unattached you might look at your previous relationships and consider why you have not been able to get past the disappointment stage.

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