Chapter with a charitable purpose from the book “Transforming your life IV”


This is a chapter of my transformative story from a book compiled with 17 other coaches from around the world. The book tells about the stories and lives of each of the authors – what they went through to get where they are.
The book became a bestseller in 7 countries of the world in 49 categories and this is a huge success and joy for me! I decided to translate my part and put it up for sale for charity!

My heart always flutters and I am extremely moved by stories of children who have no family. Sad children’s fates are very emotional for me and I always support various campaigns to help disadvantaged children.

The amount of sales from the book, the price of which is a symbolic 2.99 EUR, will be transferred for a charitable purpose for the children. At the end of each year, the amount collected from the sales of the book will be donated to orphans.