Why finding love is important in life?

Love…Word of such simple morphology, yet one to entail the complexity of the entire human race! 

The rudiments of the word “love” go all the way back to the middle ages and the Old English lufu, meaning “desire” in addition to the Latin Libet for “pleasing”, and “lust”. Today though, what we call love goes far beyond the overwhelming pleasurable sensations that people experience in the first weeks or months of a romantic relationship… 

True love is in fact an inherent feeling that finds self-expression throughout every stage of our lives: In the childhood years when we are exposed to the nurturing parental and sibling love; As teenagers going through the strong biological love-lust sensations, passion and yearning; All the way to the later years when the whole thing merges into a completely new form of personal expression, far away from the passion addiction of the “love-hungry” brain- typical for the young seeker. 

It is, however, not until the mid to late twenties that the quest for true love starts for most people! That’s when the vast percentage of men and women begin to feel this powerful biological urge to form a long-lasting bond with a special somebody and they are ready to invest continuous effort, emotions and hope.

In the modern-day, it is actually between the age of 25 and 35 when people seem to awaken their deep elemental love instinct and seek to discover the ultimate definition of true love.  In the most common case, they begin to look for love by searching for that deep meaningful connection with another person, who would share their core values, reciprocate their feelings and make them feel fully complete.

Finding love is finding happiness.

For a lot of people though, they need to experience true love moulds into a lifetime quest if they never managed to “get there” with their first, second, or third partner or spouse. 

Fact: Only 25% of the people found the ever-lasting love with the very first person they become a couple. 

Why love is so important for us?

The primitive urge to feel loved and to give love back to a significant other does not end until we satisfy our intrinsic desire to couple up in a healthy relationship. By definition, this is one in which everyone’s needs are met and both partners are moving in a linear direction alongside each other

So, when do people actually find love and understand its fundamental importance in their lives?

The importance of love becomes clear to everyone, sooner or later, no matter the person’s age or life experience! Sometimes, it takes a few disappointments, unsuccessful relationships, or marriage attempts to realize that what you perceived as love was only just a craving and a powerful desire that you needed to conquer in yourself first. Other times, the realization hits people in an instant when they meet someone, with whom they share the same principle values, mutual respect, understanding…and of course love. 

Finding your own formula to true love is nearly like finding the Holy Grail. It is a deeply personal journey that starts with Youand you only!

The biggest mistake one can make when looking out for a deep meaningful connection is to compare their life experience with that of others. Disappointments oftentimes drive people into a general feeling of discontent and dissatisfaction with their personal life as a whole.

What they should do instead is to look inwards and do the hard journeywork step by step, before moving on to find another partner or another misfortunate match! This path starts by identifying the personal needs, goals, and toxic love patterns that keep those people bouncing backwards and forwards in the unhappy trap that they created for themselves, and they find no escape from! 

Real Love Will Help You Rediscover Yourself

Finding true love is no cakewalk because it always starts with your self-knowledge, deep understanding, and acceptance of who you really are. This is also the reason why so many relationships fail so soon after they start. People simply don’t find enough time to learn about their own core values, what they need from a partner, and to reach an internal consensus on how much they can invest in a committed relationship. 

The real journey to finding love starts in your own time, when you sit, dwell, and think really deeply about what is it that you really want in a romantic relationship…

Nobody says it’s easy but it’s the only way forward if you are after the kind of deep and meaningful love that is truly life-transformative.

If the person tends to take shortcuts in their personal growth journey, they are never likely to reach their final destination, which is having a truly loving, supportive, and enduring relationship with another person. 

Very often, we get to see couples in which one half has already walked the hard-trodden path of self-discovery while the other one hasn’t. That’s also when people collide in the later stages of a long-lasting relationship and start to diverge in their general outlook on life. 

People in those couples often feel like their needs are not being met by their partner, and eventually, they move on their separate ways where their self-discovery finds a better expression in another person or in their own personal path toward finding the true self-knowledge. 

This quote shared by Mel Robbins rephrases 
that the same misinterpretation of true love leaves people feeling unfulfilled in their relationships. 

The ability to recognize and respond to the needs of a partner who is self-aware and committed becomes near impossible when the other partner is not spiritually matured enough to understand their own foundation, stresses, and desires for a better life. 

So ultimately, this brings us back to our initial question: Why love is so important in our lives? Love teaches us everything about life, even if it doesn’t always work out into a marriage or a long-lasting relationship with “The One”. Regardless of the life stage that you are at, love will eventually teach you its hard lessons whenever you least expect …It will show you the most important chapters in life and help you find the self-appreciation, inner awareness, and true knowledge that open the gates to real happiness within yourself!

Once you are there, finding a lifetime companion is a matter of course…You will experience a deep connection, the “ultimate prize”, the holy grail of our existence- the bond that makes two people feel truly happy and loved.

Love is the greatest feeling when shared

Anyone that has experienced devoted and heartfelt love for another soul knows that there is no other sensation to match the power of love over our well-being! The greatest art, music, books, and films of all time praise the feeling like the single most profound meaning to our human existence; a feeling that knows no bounds, reasons, or distance and it’s timeless, endless, simply the key to true personal happiness. 

So, if this definition of the “importance of love” does not cover it for you yet, then don’t lose your faith, and trust that the most influential artists in the history of humankind had it right when saying: “Love is here to stay” (F. Sinatra), “There’s a love for everyone” (The Whispers), and “You will find love, I promise” (Daniel Caesar)…

How about your journey to finding love? If you are ready to look inwards and discover true happiness, check our transformation program at Next Level Love.

The real journey starts with you.

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